Harydas Zodiac Series Gemini Gemina and Hermione

Well…. you think that it is an easy one, but no. Enjoying life is quite a tricky task to do, because enjoying in the wrong manner can lead to a lot of problems. So what does it really mean to enjoy life? If you are having fun and nobody is hurt (including you and your health) and your soul feels uplifted and positivity shines bright in your eyes and in your smile, then yes, you are enjoying your life. Actually it is very essential to feel joy in one's life, because it lifts up vibrations, creativity, energy levels, life in general becomes more rich in colors and fulfilled.

Character - Friendliness

Area in Life -  Relationships 

 Chattering, cheerful, always on the go, never silent. That's us bird-like talking twins  Gemina and Hermione, just try to make us still and silent! Good luck!

Share your fun moments with your friends. Shared experiences are the one of greatest and memorable.