Harydas Zodiac Series Cancer Marland

Where can we rest the best? What do we remember with sweet sorrow growing up as adults? Where did the food taste the best? Yes, it was your family and maybe your grandma's pancakes is something you still are craving for. We as social beings depend on our family in a very strong and deep way. Connections to our close ones are crucial for us to feel safe, loved and accepted in this world. Of course not everybody is blessed with a strong and supporting family, but there is always a chance to make a change and start a new family branch choosing from people you love and trust to. 

Character - Family friendly

Area in Life - Family

"I'm the one who shines in his own matters. Home and family is my kingdom. By the way, you look moody today, want to tell me something?! Maybe cup of tea?!"

Illustration Cancer Marland is about gathering with your loved ones. Now matter how your holidays turn out, the important part is to be with the people you love.