Harydas Ricky the Unocorn

So it’s gratitude… yes, a popular word nowadays, but for a reason. You know that your success in life depends on your ability to be grateful? All the personal growth coaches are telling that. Without gratitude it is hard to acknowledge all the good things that come along the way, they can stay unnoticed and that’s a big no no for a mindful person like you. 


Area in life - relationships 

“Being home alone is not fun. Not at all. Ok, the first two days are fun, but later you catch yourself talking to your mirror image. You start cooking dinner for four,  you watch cheesy unicorn clips and buy new rainbow sticks and schmicks... “

Ricky the Unicorn is all about being simple, no overthinking and no complicating easy things. It’s about keeping our inner child happy, seeing the bright and positive side of life! Being grateful and believing in light and goodness of the humankind.