Harydas Mary Coo Coo

Everyone of us is gifted, we all have our unique talents. Actually our happiness and fulfilment depends on whether we are using our talents or not. Look at our crazy unicorn Mary Coo Coo, she is having fun, she knows how adorable she is. Maybe she doesn’t get her notes straight, but hey, she is trying to entertain. To make everybody around her feel like having the best time of one's life, that’s her talent.

What is your talent? What makes you feel strong and truly happy? You don’t have to be a superstar to have talent. There are so many talents people can have. Let’s take a nice smile for example. One has the most warm and sweet smiling face, every time he/she smiles at somebody, people feel happy and loved. Isn’t that a great talent, gift? It’s a great one!


Area in life - finding myself 

"Piiiink rain..Oops! Purple rain, purple rain.." I don't always sing karaoke, but when I do, I wear my fluffy pink wig, drink my FAV rainbow speed lemonade and let that party start! 

Mary Coo Coo is for being crazy, letting one's personality shine through! It’s about respecting one’s self and using one’s talents.