Harydas Changus The Heavy Breather

To be open to the world and to the new positive stuff is quite important. Life on the planet Earth is changing rapidly, you can see today how it is different from the way it was 2 years ago. World is changing and we have to go with new changes in positivity with an open mind. Shut down negativity, fiers and social drama. Open to bright, light and good energy.

Character - open minded

Area in life - finding myself 

Meow, I`m Chungus the Heavy breathing cat. Summer is always around the corner. So I keep myself in shapes. "George, put some food on the table". Thank you for your cooperation!

Changus is about being the magnet of positive energy! Absorbing all the good, positive staff in one’s life! Take it all in, there is no way one can become too good, too happy.