What do you want?

If there is something worth thinking about when your life feels like you are stuck, then that is about your values and goals in life. Many times we are not aware of things we are looking for or ignoring a lot. In order to be happy and succeed in some areas in your life you need to bring your focus to what is there and what is not.


Yes, focus! You would be amazed if you knew how much stuff you do not recognize in yourself and the world around you. And it is only because you do not bring your focus to that stuff. Yogis say, that where is our focus, there is our energy. If you ignore your health, relationship, and professional problems the chance is you don’t have any achievements in that area and most likely problems appear one after another. So start to focus your attention to your life, every detail matters, starting from your chipped nail and ending…. well there is no ending actually. Life goes on and we must focus on how it’s going.

Knowing what you want

How many of us don’t know what we will be having for dinner, how many of us don't know how we will spend the next holidays. Many people just forget to want something and to plan actions ahead of time. Sure, we have to be flexible, life is unpredictable, but there has to be some kind of structure for us to go on with our daily life, professional achievements and harmonious relationships and let’s not forget our spiritual nature. Yes, so much to handle, but that is what makes our life so interesting and valuable.

Go for it

When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, there is a big chance of success. Once you are certain of things that need to be done, you can address your determination on accomplishing what is needed to be fulfilled.  It doesn't matter if it is having success in your career, weight loss or starting to wake up earlier every morning. Basic rules are the same for everything. First you start to see your life, then realize that something needs to be done or changed and it’s followed by actions taken to improve or bring to life what was desired.

As you can see, there are some basic rules to get where you want to get. Just bring focus to your life, realize what is important and essential to you and then move towards it. Easy? Maybe not, but it is definitely worth trying at least.

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