What about love?

Love...word that says so much that it’s not even possible to describe it. Love is not about words, it’s more about feeling and doing the right thing. Is there anything higher than love? We don’t think so. Love is a great building material for everything, may it be your relationships with family, partner or your work. Anything that you do with love is sure to bring more positivity and light to the world. So are there any steps we can take to develop our love and make it blossom? Let’s see. 

Learn to listen

Listening is more important than you can think. If you are present in the moment and truly engaging in conversation, by observation you can even hear words that were not said, it is called deep listening. Practice this way of listening more, listening is only listening to words that have been said, it is a person's emotional expressions, gestures, eye movements, breathing and so much more. Observe people and you will learn to listen really well.

Let it be

When you accept people the way they are, you are loving them. When you try to make them act and think the way you do, it’s called domination and that’s not about love at all. Every living being deserves to be the way it is, so way to interfere. Let your close ones be who they are, accept them. Of course there is different talk if a person is behaving ill, but this topic is not about that this time. Today we speak about small things that make us willing to teach and fix our close ones. Mind yourself and let people around you live the way they like.

Let yourself to love

This one is a big one. By saying “let yourself to love”, it is not only about loving others, it is about loving yourself too. Actually when somebody doesn’t love his/her self then he/she is not truly capable of loving others. The one has to know how to be nice and loving to one self in the first place. When you love and respect yourself the right way, you most likely will respect and react with loving attention to others. Fill your batteries first and then share your love with others!

These are just baby steps, but we all have to start with something. Let love come your way, it is the greatest power of all, sure it’s worth it to try. Don’t be shy, just love!

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