Is dedication a quality we are born with?

Dedication is truly an admirable quality to look up to. You know what is the difference between one who has a lot and another who has less, it is simply dedication. You have to be truly dedicated to your idea, work or relationships to gain a positive outcome. So let’s think about it more.

Dedication is quality we are born with

Oh yes, it is simple as that, we all were very dedicated to get to this world and to live to this moment. We don’t even recognize how dedicated we actually are. Every time we feel hunger, we reach for a food, that is dedication. Yes, it is basic, but it's there! Everything starts from the simple, little thing.

Is dedication important to live a happy life?

And the answer is: “Definitely!” Once you make a decision to live with some kind of purpose, you need dedication to move on with your big vision. Dedication is a strong asset, and in most cases it determines whether you get to the point you aim for or not. Dedicated people are happy people, that is for sure. 

There are many good qualities that we can master, but one is clear, that dedication is needed to move forward in life in general. Be dedicated and you will  find your purpose!

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