How to master inner peace?

When Buddha came to the world, he teached people two master qualities: nonviolence and a peaceful mind. Let’s talk about peace for a bit! It’s so important to be tuned with your inner self to stay on track in these crazy times with pandemic and life in general. Without a calm mind there is no happiness in life. So it is worth trying to master your peaceful state of mind. Here are some tips on how you can introduce more peace to your daily life.

Deep breathing

If you need a fast way to realise your stress, breathing deeply and slowly is proved to be highly efficient. And it is easy too, no need to go for a full joga training course to learn it. Just sit down, close your eyes and make a deep inhale, hold your breath for a little while and then slowly exhale. It is best if your exhale is longer than your inhale, but do not worry if it’s not working like that in the beginning. There it is important to learn to pause your troubled thoughts and just breathe deeply. Try it for a few minutes and you will see how much calmer you will get. Yea, it’s work like magic!

More silence

We are so used to noises, sounds of traffic, voices, chats, social media. It’s too much of a noise. It’s not always possible to get out of the cities, but it’s possible to switch off your digital devices, brew some tea and just reflect on the world and to be present in the moment. Be honest to yourself, you desperately need those silent moments.  


Meditation is not so difficult as it may sound. Actually if you just practice combining at the same time those two steps above (deep breathing and be present in the silence) you are meditating. Yes, it is that easy! Just give yourself a few minutes to ground yourself in meditation and many warriors will disappear if not forever, but sure you will have a more peaceful mind. And it is said that best ideas and solutions come to us when we are at peace. If you know some mantras, chant them!

Peaceful mind is a gift, but it can be trained. Definitely it is worth trying to make yourself a more grounded and peaceful person. It is not needed just for yourself, everybody around you can benefit from it. Learn to be peaceful, practise it and spread it to the world. Peace!

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