Do you want to become a nicer person?

Do you like when people behave politely at you? Does it feel good when they smile at you and greet you nicely? I think most of us like polite people.

When you want to improve your surroundings it is always a good idea to start with yourself first. Think about are you behaving nicely? Do you leave a good impression?

Here are some easy magical steps you can take to make things better.

Magic phrases “thank you” and “you are welcome”

Gratitude is a super power, it gives so much inner strength and develops positive thinking and feeling, by being grateful you start to notice life around you. The same goes to acknowledge every time when people are thankful to you, accept their gratitude every time you receive one.

Be mindful, notice the small acts of goodwill

It is not hard to be nice if you acknowledge small actions that people do. We often take so much for granted, but it should not be like that. Everything has its price and value. Notice small acts, respect other's time and their  kindness and express your gratitude.

Learn to refuse something politely

When you are a polite person it does not mean that you have to accept everything and everyone. No, you have to always stay true to yourself, it is really important. By saying “no”, you are not rude, you just are letting people know that it’s not for you. So your refusal should always be firm and polite at the same time. 

By implementing these 3 small acts of kindness in your daily life, you are sure to become a nicer person and people will think of you as a polite person to deal with. Likeable people get less challenges in their life, so it is always worth trying your best in making yourself a nicer person overall.

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