Do you polish your shine?

Have you ever thought about what your life would look like if you would be more persistent, less shy, if there would be more self-esteem and self-love? Bet, you would rock for real!

I encourage you to try to live your days with a little bit more self-care and accepting your true assets, expressing your creativity and uniqueness. Here are some tips you can implement in your daily life to brighten up your shine:

Don’t skip the mirror

Yes, I know, some of you don't show a happy face when you look at yourself in the mirror dressing up in the mornings. For fact, many of you make yourself look disappointed when you catch your eyes in the mirror. Is it good? Is it helping you shine bright? Definitely no! Accept your looks, appreciate the way you were created. Believe me, in 40 years from now looking back you will think: “Oh, I looked so good! Why I was so concerned about myself, I was just so fine!” Try to smile at yourself looking in the mirror every morning, it will boost your mood and slowly raise your self-esteem.

Be bold! Stand for yourself!

Yes, shy people don't get a lot from life, many opportunities get lost only because their voice is too quiet, expectations are too low and the wishlist is absent at all. Hey, wake up, you have to be bold sometimes to show the world that you are alive, that you exist. Know what you want and don’t be scared to let others know what your expectations and desires are. Speak up and be sure someone will listen to you!

We all were born with unique qualities, there is no one else like you, there never was and there will never be. Accept that, you are created beautifully to shine bright, to live with beautiful purpose, if it’s just simply to smile at people that’s a great purpose to live for.

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