Are you trying to be environment friendly?

If you are a little bit familiar with astrology, then you most likely have heard about scorpios nature, he is the one who knows more than others, he sees deeper meaning of people and situations. Now the planet Earth is dealing with serious struggles and we have to be conscious enough to help Her survive humanity's destroying impact. Let’s find some small things we can do today to improve the environment with no big effort and cost (maybe even you will be able to save some money).

Saving Water

This is all known truth, we spend so much of our drinking water, we even flush with it our toilets. Guess it would be embarrassing to tell somebody about our fresh water usage to somebody who doesn't have enough clean drinking water, right?! Ok, if we don't even think about other people living on this planet, let's think about all the living creatures and nature, all is alive and all needs pure water. So maybe next time while you brush your teeth just turn off the water, take just a little bit shorter shower times, fix tapping water which annoys you and your neighbors. See it is easy, just start with the little, and be sore every little water drop counts!

Look at he packaging

This is a big one, really huuuge! Look at all this packaging stuff in our daily lives, it is just insane! We have to do something serious with this one. For start, it's a question about shopping habits and our daily habits. Look at this one, many people need coffee in the morning, they grab it on a go, so here you can see money spending factor (making your coffee at home is much cheaper) and creating waste (invest one time in a stainless steel travel mug and you stop producing unwanted waste). And this comes to many habits related to food and drinks. See deeper: it's not only about waste and money, it’s also about your health. Home cooked food is way better than all that you like to spend your money on in the street restaurants. Save the planet, save your money, save your health! 

Walk more

Yeah, the carbon imprint is a hard one. Less driving, more cycling, walking. Not all of us can afford a Tesla today, but a bike is a good and healthy option if you go by yourself and roads are adjusted for cyclists. Electric scooters are fun, just obey speed limits and mind pederastions around you. And if you really need to drive your car, take good care of it, check the engine timely, do all the changes and take your family, friends with you when you are driving.

See, I told you, only easy tips and doable tips. Let’s start today, all will benefit. Save the planet, save your money, save your health! 


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