Are you grateful?

So it’s gratitude… yes, a popular word nowadays, but for a reason. You know that your success in life depends on your ability to be grateful? All the personal growth coaches are telling that. Without gratitude it is hard to acknowledge all the good things that come along the way, they can stay unnoticed and that’s a big no no for a mindful person like you. 

Here you can find some easy tips to develop your feeling of gratitude.

Always say “thank you”

You will be surprised, but so many of us skip the magical words “thank you” in our daily lives. Why? Well, it’s because in our mind we are not in the present moment, but somewhere in past memories or future dreams. If you are tuned in with yourself and in the moment you live right now, you will definitely notice things and people to be grateful to.

Gratitude is about noticing little things

When you are present, you can acknowledge the abundance of things that you need to be grateful for. Good comes to those who are able to see the good. Start to put your attention on your life, to people around you, spend more time outside in nature, have some quiet time and it’s sure that feeling of gratitude will find a way to your heart.

Write 3 daily gratitudes

Take a moment each day to write down some daily gratitudes. It’s a great tool to train yourself to notice things, people, experiences to be grateful for. If it is hard in the start to find the right words, just start with your body, write down how grateful you are for your body and senses. After a while it will get easier to write more and more gratitudes each day.

Just start today, say “thank you” to yourself, that you took some time to read this blog post, that you presented a mindful read to yourself today. Gratitude is a gift and it's the biggest gift for a person who implements gratitude in his/her daily life. 

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