Are you gifted?

Everyone of us is gifted, we all have our unique talents. Actually our happiness and fulfilment depends on whether we are using our talents or not. Look at our crazy unicorn Mary Coo Coo, she is having fun, she knows how adorable she is. Maybe she doesn’t get her notes straight, but hey, she is trying to entertain. To make everybody around her feel like having the best time of one's life, that’s her talent.

What is your talent? What makes you feel strong and truly happy? You don’t have to be a superstar to have talent. There are so many talents people can have. Let’s take a nice smile for example. One has the most warm and sweet smiling face, every time he/she smiles at somebody, people feel happy and loved. Isn’t that a great talent, gift? It’s a great one!

So let’s think about what you can do to develop, to find and recognize your talents.

Think about what you love to do? What makes you happy?

It’s communicating with people, or maybe it’s being alone and creating peace of art. Or it may be making the best sandwiches, or telling funniest jokes. When you do what you love your energy levels are rising up, mood improves and eyes become brighter. 

Having some “me time” 

By having some time with yourself now and then helps to understand who you truly are, what you want and appreciate and what is irrelevant to you. It’s always a good idea to have some quiet moment, it’s said that truth is born in silence. 

Ask others

This one is easy! Ask people around to tell you what strengths and positive abilities you master. Answers will surprise you. Your close ones see you in different light, not as you know yourself. That is why it’s smart to ask your loved ones to tell you what you are good at. 

Try your best to find activities you love, you can always improve your skills and master your talents on a new level. Be yourself, don’t be shy and express your personality to the world!

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